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Antoine Denoix

Digital Director at AXA


After graduating from HEC Paris and specializing at Telecom Paris, Antoine began his career at Google France.

At the end of 2009, he co-founds fifty-five, an agency specialized in digital marketing and data management - from the ad purchase to the customer experience roadmap.
Five years of intensive development have allowed the company to reach a critical size at the end of 2013: 80 collaborators and an international presence.

As an expert in e-business strategies, he has published two books at Dunod, one in 2010 (L'Affiliation) and another in 2013 (Webanalyse).
Antoine has lead missions for large companies as well as for pure players in various sectors such as the automotive industry, the media, banking and insurance, telecommunications or mass distribution.

In 2014, he has been named Digital Director at AXA France. His mission: to accompany the digital ambition of the company, by ensuring an effective and collective implementation of its digital transformation.

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"Big Data" for digital marketing
Tools, use cases, stakes...
06 NOV 2015 10:30am - 11:15am


Digital marketing is full of major and well-known fields and ecosystems : media buy, funnels optimization, direct marketing.
Each brings its "off-the-shelf" tools, including third party data and "black box" algorithms.
Facing this, how could we use internal data to integrate and impact ? To what extent ?
Antoine will share some key insights resulting from AXA digital experiments.