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Cyrille Dubarry

Senior Data-Scientist/Technical lead at Criteo


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Session Name Date Time
Machine Learning Algorithms for Online Advertising 05 NOV 2015 04:45pm - 05:30pm


The field of online advertising represents an exciting opportunity for machine learning engineers and scientists : large volumes of data, fast-pace environment enabling quick iterations of research ideas, efficient performance-based marketplace allowing to precisely measure ad effectiveness at a worldwide scale. Industrial players have leveraged the recent advances in large-scale computation to build facilities capable of hosting massive amounts of data and CPU-hungry algorithms. For all these reasons, the last decade has seen tremendous progress in the application of machine learning to online marketing.

In this talk, we will briefly introduce the online advertising marketplace, its stakeholders and the key performance metrics. We will then present the algorithms we have developed at Criteo for bidding in real-time auctions and product recommendation at scale and explain how we evaluate them both offline and online. We will describe the infrastructure for large-scale data processing that these algorithms rely upon. Finally, we will conclude with future areas of research and open the floor for a panel discussion with participants.