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Jean-Marc Lazard

CEO at OpenDataSoft


Jean-Marc Lazard founded OpenDataSoft in 2011, the 1st online platform designed for the sharing and reuse of data by all cities’ stakeholders. Major European cities, utility companies, public transportation providers, civic organizations, and more have entrusted OpenDataSoft with their data in order to connect each other and to answer open government questions & to solve sustainability issues. Before launching OpenDataSoft, Jean-Marc Lazard created and spent five years leading the Exaleadlabs, a search engine company part of DassaultSystèmes ISV. He previously ran innovation for nine years at Bel Group, a global food company.

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Open Data, a foundation for sustainable cities (or Open Cities for Smart Citizens) 06 NOV 2015 09:30am - 10:00am


All cities are looking for long-term solutions to answer major challenges such as congestion, unexpected weather phenomena, poor air quality, and energy provisioning. Because all of these concerns are connected to each other, an importantquestion has emerged: how can the data surrounding all of these issues be gathered fromvarious city stakeholders, (i.e. local governments, utilities, civic organizations, and private companies like Waze), and then used to their fullest potential?New information comes in from sources like urban sensors and crowdsourcing apps and help us to better understand the every-day functioning of a city, while also leading to new benchmarking initiatives to further resolve the challenges of the future. However, they rely on a strong backing in order to fully tap into the potential they can offer. Unlike the inefficient “algorithm-driven” approach to data collection, smart city initiatives have the most impact wherever an open platform is established.