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John Moriarty

Co-Founder at Future Decisions


John Moriarty is an applied probabilist, maths communicator and co-founder of two clean tech startup companies. He is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Early Career Research Fellow, Reader in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London, and a founding shareholder of Future Decisions Limited, making building management systems more intelligent and connected through predictive analytics.

Future Decisions are currently piloting their solution in Canary Wharf (London) after success in the Cognicity Challenge business accelerator programme. Prior to Future Decisions, John was also a founding shareholder of an innovative electricity retailer using real-time optimisation to trade squarely in the wholesale market, and delivered collaborative research projects with IBM and the UK National Grid.

Through television, radio and commissioned magazine and news articles, John has made a number of recent appearances with the BBC. He has commented on maths and probability in contexts from the work of John Nash, lotteries and jury service to wrestling and Dancing with the Stars!

He holds a BA in Mathematical Sciences, MSc in Applied Statistics and DPhil in Probability from the University of Oxford.

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Building management systems offer significant potential for energy demand flexibility. Their potential can be maximised at low cost through an online, data driven approach combined with predictive analytics. Find out about Future Decisions’ pilot project at Canary Wharf (London) which aims to reduce peak energy charges, generate revenue, reduce carbon emissions and support the power grid.