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Yann Lechelle

COO at Snips


Yann Lechelle is a serial entrepreneur, software engineer and product guy. He is Chief Operating Officer at Snips, working with a team of talented data-scientist and engineers to make technology disappear.

Prior to Snips, Yann co-founded four companies, three of which have been acquired: Appsfire, a mobile app recommendation engine and ad network, Etheryl, a university social network, and Kick Your App, a mobile development agency. Overall, he shipped dozens of apps, reaching tens of millions of users in thirteen languages.

A real computer enthusiast, Yann started coding when he was 10, built a social network on the Minitel in 1989 when he was 17, and wrote the OpenUDID and OpenIDFA libraries for iOS. He also loves basketball, even being an interpreter to Magic Johnson!

He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the American University in Paris (specialization in AI and Neural Networks), as well as an MBA from INSEAD.

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