Why Attend?

The second edition of DataLead conference extends the international conversation on the application of big data to business.

Advance your career
A 2013 study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute found that there are productivity gains to be made in every sector of the economy with the use of big data. Yet while tech giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn have made their fortunes off the use of big data, the business industry has lagged behind. The Forrester Research Institute reports that businesspeople are 13% more likely to be confused by the term "big data" than their tech industry counterparts.

Are you a professional in IT, data science, finance or any relevant industry? What are you waiting for? Come learn from industry professionals at Google, Criteo, Dataiku, Morgan Stanley, Adobe,...!

Network with other professionals
With an attendance of 100-200 academics, students, and industry professionals, there will be a variety of opportunities to learn not only from our accomplished formal speakers, but also your fellow attendees. Attendees will represent a variety of companies within the IT, finance, marketing and business industries.

Hear from leading academics
Ranked nationally since its inception in 2001, the Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering program is unmatched in its track record of helping students secure top jobs. True to its commitment to innovation, the Berkeley MFE has paired with leading French Grande ecole "ENSAE ParisTech" to tackle the challenge of big data. At DataLead 2015 attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear not only from big data experts at the University of California, Berkeley but from academics at the Université Paris-Saclay. We at DataLead feel this international perspective is only appropriate to address our attendees needs in conducting business in today’s global economy.

Take a breath in Paris!
Hosted at the heart of Paris, near the Champs Elysées, DataLead2015 will allow you to discover the French Touch and its French Tech.

Enjoy two days outside of the office and explore the beautiful city of Paris. Extend your trip and explore the famous landcape of France.

The inaugural DataLead conference was held in 2014 in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to embrace its unique spirit of technology innovation.